Gluten Free Winners

It’s been four months since I went Wheat free. I continue steady at my weight loss of 7lbs. Not one issue with my digestive system.

I frequently run into people who are wheat or Gluten free. It’s great to share our successes, as well as the many products now on the market that make our commitment to be free of these products easier.

Thanks to a fellow Gluten free friend I can now have a decent chocolate chip cookie! Betty Crocker sells Gluten/Wheat free baking mixes for Chocolate Chip cookies, brownies, yellow and chocolate cake mix. I tasted a chocolate chip cookie, and it was delicious! I wouldn’t have known the difference! Thank you Betty!

I discovered a website called The Best of Gluten-Free Awards™ . It’s a website designed to select the best gluten-free (and some wheat free) products available and to give recognition and thanks to the companies that provide them. Go to the website to nominate your favorite products!

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