Update on Tower Garden

I just wanted to give you an update on my Tower Garden.

It’s doing well. I had a couple of snags. . . .

My tomato plant didn’t do so well. So I pulled it out and restarted. I bought several plants from a local garden store. You have to be careful buying plants from a garden store because although they were Non-GMO, they have so many plants that they don’t always take the best care of them. There is always a chance that they will be diseased or have pests on them. It’s best to seed your own plants, or buy seedlings from a good seedling source. I purchased all my plants because I was starting very late in the summer, and seeding them would have taken a while.

Well, I found out that seeding my own did take a while, but through some trial and error, I was able to get a few seeds to sprout! I have recently planted Black eye peas, Lima beans, swiss chard, Arugula, Bell peppers, and Bibb Lettuce (which isn’t doing so well. It’s too hot for lettuce right now). Planting my seeds directly in the Tower Garden worked best for me. They seeded in only a few days!

I’m loving my Tower Garden. Taking care of it, and watching it grow is amazing!


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