Home Office Organization for the Graphic Designer

What’s good for the garage is good for the office. If a big, expansive pegboard helps you keep your garage items in order, it will probably be an invaluable organization tool for your office as well.

I own my own graphic design studio. I became so busy one quarter that keeping information in my head or even in a production schedule spreadsheet got to be too overwhelming! I decided to get organized visually!

I bought a peg board and pegs from Home Depot for less than $6. I bought a  picture frame (no glass) from Michael’s under $25. I cut the peg board to the frame size and, added some corner frames to help make the frame sturdier, and had my husband hang the board. I bought  9 x 12″ plastic heavy duty Shop Ticket Holders from Amazon.com. I organized the board by production. I set up pegs for Designing jobs, Proofing, Printing, and Invoicing. I keep all of the job information in the job bag, and it moves from peg to peg.

You can use this concept for organizing anything, but it’s especially useful for production.

I love my peg board. Just a quick glance up from my computer in my studio, and I know just what needs to be done!


One thought on “Home Office Organization for the Graphic Designer

  1. This is a great idea! As a graphic designer myself, I can relate to not being sure whether I have invoiced or a project has been seen and final approval given! I will be searching for a peg board myself 🙂

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