Two Months Into My Natural Hair

Well, it’s been 2 months since I started my Natural Hair Journey. It’s been a pretty smooth experience considering I knew very little about my natural hair. I have to say, it’s been more of an emotional journey which I’ll talk about in another blog.

I have started to develop a regimen, which is very important to maintain a healthy head of hair.

I’ve decided to have my hair washed and twisted at the hairdresser every 3 weeks for time sake.

After my wash and twist at the hairdresser, I leave in the twists for about 7 days. I continue to spray it with my coconut oil/water each morning and evening. I try to wear my twists pinned up in a ponytail to keep my hair protected and stretched.

After 7 days, I take the twist out. I make sure that I put pure coconut oil on my hands and hair before taking out the twists. This cuts down on the friction (which creates frizz).

I found a way to maintain my twist out by twisting my hair in large twist at night. This video by Gabe Flowers was fantastic! And it works!!! My hair is a similar texture and length as Gabe, and I find her videos very helpful and encouraging.

My hair still frizzes a lot in one particular area (left front). So I am still on a quest to find a product to help hold the frizz in that area.

After about 3 days, It’s time to wear a protective style again. I would like to wear my hair out longer, but it’s just too dry. I have a lot of hair, and even wearing it all in a ponytail is just too much hair to keep moisturized. I’m learning that the smaller the sections, the better it stays hydrated.

So I’ve been creating large twists, and pinning them up. I’m still able to wear scarves and headbands for style. My hair stays so soft this way. I’ll twist out again right before I get another wash.


Photo Jul 31, 7 11 39 AM


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