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You have a teenage boy if . . .

Photo Feb 15, 6 01 15 AM

1. You can’t keep $10 bucks in your pocket anymore
2. Hanging out with friends consists of a controller, a computer monitor, and headphones
3. You use the privilege of social activities as a carrot to get chores done
4. Your underwear drawer is home to the Xbox controllers during the week
5. There are only 2 important questions, “can I take a nap” and “what is there to eat?”
6. You can no longer see the rug in the bedroom
7. You text in acronyms
8. Your kitchen counter is filled with protein and energy powders
9. 90% of the words that come out of your mouth have to be repeated daily
10. You use every opportunity possible as a teaching moment
11. You can’t shop in the mall together anymore
12. “Do I smell?” Is a common question
13. Studying for a test the day before is “ok”
14. An In n’ Out run at 10pm is considered a bonding moment
15. Lunch money for the week has tripled since Jr. high school
16. “It’s ok Mommy” means I’m over reacting
17. “Sleeping in” means getting up after 1pm
18. A large pizza only feeds one
19. Getting ready for school in the morning can be accomplished in 15 minutes
20. No one else in the house drinks milk, but you go through a gallon a week
21. Hanging up a towel is not possible
22. Deciding what you want to do for a living is an obsession
23. Nothing is more important than sleeping, eating and pooping
24. Girls are considered high maintenance right now