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Hug Your Teen

father-son-hugWhere are you going, who else is going, when will you be back, is your homework done? 4 commonly asked questions to your teenager. But do we proceed that with a hug?

We’ve learned that babies won’t thrive without the touch of another human’s holding and affection, yet knowing this, it is not uncommon for parents to stop hugging their kids as they reach puberty. Medical studies also confirm that the health benefits of physical touch extend as we age.

Adolescents can be an extremely difficult period of life, for both young adults, teens and parents. Young adults and teens are spreading their wings, and attempting to make good decisions. Many times acceptance of peers becomes a major source of stress, and low self-esteem. Making sure that your young adult is accepted in the home can relieve some of this stress, and build a stronger bond. Hugs are a great way to help ease this stress, and provide a safe and secure environment for your teen.

Daughter’s don’t seem to lose their affection with parents like sons do. A son’s relationship with his parents is a prototype for how he’ll relate to his family one day. Many times fathers and sons lose those hugs as a boy gets older. Father’s feel the need to teach their sons to be “men”, and somewhere in that transition they become less affectionate.

But don’t lose hope. Hugs are the ultimate, but touching is important too, even if it’s a pat on the back, a tussle of the hair, or even a knuckle punch once in a while. Once your teen becomes comfortable with these playful forms of affection, hugs are just around the corner.

So relieve your stress, lower your blood pressure, and increase your heart beat. . . . go hug your teen!