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First Twist Out

There is actually a whole glossary for Natural Hair. So reviewing the glossary is helpful to us Newbies.


Naturally spirally curls (3/C)

The type of hair that I have does not create those naturally spiral curls when wet.

My hair type (4/B) produces small wavy curls. The curls have little definition and are hard to see when the hair is dense. So in order to create large curls that are defined in a style, I have to twist my hair. Twists are usually left in for several days to achieve greater curl definition. There are also many products on the market that enhance curl definition, while also keeping the hair moisturized.

My first twist out was a challenge. The twists were done small, so although there was curl definition, they were hard to see because of the density of my hair. The curls did not stay very long because they were small. I re-twisted hair all day. I probably messed with it too much , and it got frizzy fast.

So I went and bought Care Free Curl Activator, and Curl’s Unleashed at Sally’s. I twisted my hair again with larger twists using both products (to see which one I like most), and mixture of water and coconut oil. The twists were bigger this time, and they held better, didn’t frizz, and were a heavier in weight. It felt like the activator clumped the hair together well. I left in the twists overnight, hoping they would dry by morning.

Photo May 31, 8 11 25 AM

First Twist Out

I was right, when I took the twists out, they were dry but moisturized well, and the curl definition was better! My hair still got frizzy at the root by the end of the day, but the ends we’re holding . The twists unravel from the root, but the ends stayed twisted.

They say that 2nd day hair is better, but I learned that the hard way. As the day progresses, so does your hair. The type of hair that I have sucks up moisture in the air like there’s no tomorrow, so the roots become very frizzy. Being the Newbie that I am, I kept re-twisting my hair throughout the day. I think I just got tired and frustrated, and stopped twisting. The next day the hair at the root was frizzy, but it also gave my style more volume. I also spent lots of time viewing photographs of other “Natural sista’s” hairdos, and found that volume is what you want! The bigger, the better! Frizz at the roots may not be so bad after all.

2nd Day Hair

2nd Day Hair

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