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Summer Cold Blues

summer cold

I guess there really is such thing as a “Summer Cold.” Whether summer or winter, it sucks!

Summer colds are actually a different virus than winter colds, and are exasperated by walking in and out of air- conditioning. The sudden chilling lowers the defenses in the nose and throat by causing constriction of the blood vessels. The immune system is drastically reduced when this happens. We just got back from vacation and  between the freezing cold temperatures in the airplane, and the hotel and 100 degree weather in Southern California, it’s no wonder I caught a cold!

Summer colds only occur about 25% as often as the winter colds, but summer colds can have more severe, flu-like symptoms. This time I have a slight headache, and my skin feels a little sore to touch.

In any case, just trying to get through this thing quickly, and keep those around me healthy!


Here are 6 things that help avoid a summer cold:

1. Wash your hands contently

2. Avoid sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Move around. Sitting can slow your metabolic rate

3. Avoid smog and pollution. Dirty air suppresses T cells

4. Don’t eat alot of junk food. It effects your immune system.

5. Get plenty of sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t make enough white blood cells to fend off bacteria and repair your body

6. Avoid going in and out of air-conditioning to sweltering heat.


How do you avoid a summer cold?