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Dog days

Photo Apr 28, 12 02 15 PM

I was never a real “pet” person. I never thought that I would be the kind of person that considered my dog anything but a dog. Through the years Sadie has grown on me.

We got her as a puppy back in 2008. She is a Shi-poo (half Shitzu, half poodle). I never wanted a dog, but my family did. I knew I would end up taking the brunt of the responsibility for it. Funny how being a mother has its role, even to other species. I said I would only get a dog if I could pick it out. The neighbor down the street had the cutest little dog, hypoallergenic (no shedding), smart and a great personality. I wanted the same dog, but a female.

Well, we did everything you’re not supposed to do. We got a mixed breed, and a pound puppy!! but we were blessed! Sadie ended up being an awesome dog. She is so smart, and easy to train. I put a hanging bell on the courtyard door and in only a few seconds Sadie was trained to ring the bell to go outside. She still uses it today.

I know you’re not supposed to feed your dog people food, but although we feed her people snacks from time to time, she’s very polite about it. She’s not a nagging beggar dog. In fact, when something falls on the ground she waits for permission to come get it!  When I feed her people snacks and I shake my head and say “all gone”, she walks away.

She has become part of the family. I can’t imagine life without her. In fact, imaging life without her brings tears to my eyes!

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