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Things my mother taught me

HydreangaGrowing up I don’t think that I truly appreciated my mom for everything that she did for me and my siblings. As I care for my young adult children, I reflect back on all the things my mom has done.  As an adult,  I now see that my mom is an amazing person. Here’s some of the valuable life lessons my mother taught me through the years.

1. A mother’s love is unconditional from the very moment her womb is consumed. I remember my mother most of all, always doing for us. It was a never-ending job, so selfless, and all for the betterment of her children and family. My memories of her unconditional love have encouraged me to raise my family the same way.

2. Caring for your family comes first. Mom best taught me that family and the well-being of your children come first, even before your career. It may sound like a “Duh” statement, but so many woman who I know don’t apply this statement, and raising their children takes a back seat to a busy career schedule. I remember the days Mom was home with us. She had the time and the patience to plant the foundation necessary to raise her children. I may not always have her patience, and it’s been a sacrifice, but I’ve made the time to raise my own children and it’s been worth it.

4. Forgiveness. Life wasn’t always easy for Mom growing up, but she has the most forgiving spirit. This is something about my mom that stands the test of time. Something that I reflect back on when it’s my turn to forgive.

5. Love yourself. Each of us are different in our own way. Mom has 3 different children, and has loved and respected us each as individuals. Even though my sister and I are twins, mom taught us to love ourselves for who we are, and made sure that we were individuals.

6. Pursue your dreams. Even when the odds seemed against us in life, Mom was always there to encourage us. I never felt like I couldn’t accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Failure was blind in our eyes thanks to Mom.

So this mother’s day and every day, I want to say “thank you” mom. I am who I am today because of your never-ending love. Happy Mother’s Day!