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My Natural Hair Journey

curlyhairme_PastelHair. I think it’s the one gift that God gave us that defines your look. It’s the one thing that can make you look drastically different depending on the style. It’s the one thing that people notice right away. I know it might seem shallow, but people spend thousands of dollars on their hair (or lack of it), and alot of time!

Long, short, thick, curly, straight, colored, permed, frizzy, and fried. Hair can be an esteem booster, a life changer. It can change how you feel about yourself. It’s a powerful tool, because it’s a first impression.

So it’s no wonder I had my doubts about changing my hair. Going natural is a drastic change. No more straightening, blow-drying, coloring! Hello curls, big hair, frizz, gray. This decision had to come from the soul, and that it did!

So I’m on my way. I started my official natural hair journey May 22nd. I know this won’t be of interest to all of my followers, so I’ve started a new category on my blog called “My Natural Hair Journey”. It’s a popular subject these days, and there’s alot of interest out there. You all know how blogging is therapy for me, well, I need some serious therapy for this journey. So check back in to see how I’m doing!