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First Apartment

The time has come. After two years in the college dorms, my daughter has found full  independence, and is ready to spread her eagle wings in an apartment.

It’s always a little scary when your children spread their wings, and take that first leap. So naive, so innocent. You want to stand right under them with a safety net.Safety_net_tnb

As impractical as it seems, my heart yearns to continue to be the mother God intended me to be right from the start. Funny how time moves you further and further from your natural ability to mother. If you’re not careful, it can leave a gaping hole.

Yet I stand from afar, watching, and praying. Filling my hole with hope and love.

The eagle’s launch is inevitable,. . .. and so she soars.


Letting go

????????????????????????????????????????????The past is always a part of who you are. We all live in the present, but many of our choices are made based on past experiences. Unfortunately not all past experiences are good. So when do we let go of the past and move on? How do we know what do keep from our past, and what to discard?

Our brain creates emotional triggers from the things we experience, whether good or bad. Our brain has a tendency to refer back to the original experiences even when a new one happens. Sometimes this creates a false trigger even if the experience and situation is not exactly the same. This can lead to false assumptions and sometimes wrong decisions. So how do you watch out for this?

  • Try to pin point the present feeling your having with a similar one from the past. (dig deep).
  • Once you’ve determined the original feeling, write down all the ways the current situation differs. You’ll eventually realize that although the emotional feeling was triggered, more than likely the situation is not the same, and can be handled differently.

Things to remember:

  • Holding on to the past, prevents you from growing in the future.
  • Life happens until the moment you die.  If all you do is look back, you’ve stopped living.
  • Stop being who you once were so you can become who you are today.
  • Letting go is not a weakness, it’s a strength.
  • Be thankful that night turns into day, that goals turn into realities.  Use your positive fuel to reach for tomorrow.

Are you ready to let go?