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Protect your pet from Birds of Prey

Often times in the morning we open up all the doors off the kitchen and let the fresh air in. This Saturday morning was no different. It was about 11am as we finished up breakfast in the kitchen nook. It was a beautiful sunny morning here in California, 70 degrees, clear skies. My dog Sadie is a small Shi-poo about 12 pounds. She loves the back yard, and ventured outside to make her rounds. She sat on the back patio scanning the yard, as she so frequently does before feeling comfortable enough to lie down. As I glanced up from my coffee I saw a large bird with an enormous wing span swoop down to grab my dog!  Sadie had not yet laid down, and with quick instinct and incredible reflexes she ducked out of the way. The bird turned around in flight and flew off!

My jaw (probably) hit the table. I had to blink and shake my head a few times to verify that what I just saw was real! I ran outside and looked up at a hawk flying around in the sky. That hawk came within inches of grabbing my dog!

I shared this event with my son later that day. My son had spent the night before at our neighbors house, and as they were on their way to breakfast that morning around 11am my neighbor saw the same hawk and oddly enough said, “Wow, that’s a pretty good sized hawk, people should watch their pets!”

Many birds of prey regularly hunt small animals, and they won’t distinguish between a wild creature and a beloved pet. Many pet owners fear for their pets when raptors are in the area, but there are easy steps every pet owner can take to protect their animal from becoming prey.

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