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Favorite Time Killing Apps

Well, Summer is officially here. The kids are out of school, family vacations are in full swing, and the heat has arrived here in Southern California. Business hasn’t slowed down like it usually does, but maybe the economy is finally making a comeback.

To commemorate the beginning of summer, and the endless hours you’ll spend in cars, airports, boats and trains (?), I’m reviewing some of my favorite time killing apps for the summer.

Now mind you, I am not an “Angry Birds” kind of girl. I don’t like to chop fruit, or run through temples, and I don’t care where my water is! I like those casual, non-stressful, mind joggling games, and Apps that contribute to my brain power.

WWFWords with Friends
Experience for yourself why millions of players are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble game. It’s just like scrabble, and I love this time killing game because it’s played casually amongst your friends. Sometimes it takes 2 weeks to finish a game because people play. . .when they have time to kill!

pinterest app

Pinterest is a tool to find your inspiration and share it with others. Use it to collect things you love, organize your boards to share with others. Lots of brain power here.

word seekWord Seek
This classic word search game sharpens your mind, and expands your vocabulary. Find as many words as possible by yourself or live online against your friends in this board game! Although I love this app, it’s been very difficult for me to expand my seeking of words over 4 letters. I think the timer makes me quickly find whatever I can, which ends up being mostly 4 letter words. It just means a lower score, but it has potential. It can be very addicting.

spelltowerSpell Tower
It’s a cross between a word find, and Bejeweled. The bigger the word, the more area around the word is dropped until you get to the very bottom. I try to beat my own score!

skeeballSkee Ball 2
If you ventured into an arcade during their heyday throughout the 80′s and 90′s, you probably remember the different games which allowed you to earn tickets that could then be exchanged for cheap, sometimes-lame prizes. Chief among these– seemingly a staple of just about any such arcade or amusement park gameroom– was skee-ball!!  It’s one of my favorite physical arcade games. This graphics in this game are amazingly real. The acoustics of the wooden balls thrown up the ramp and pinging off the plastic targets in very authentic. Your able to tilt your phone to help assist the ball in. You can even purchase stupid toys as you collect tickets. You’re definitely trapped in time while you kill time here!

mza_5136386870055124396.175x175-75Flow Free
Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Connect matching colors dots with pipes to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. The game starts off with only a few colors and as you move through the levels, there are more colors and more area coverage. There are several options to play casual and relaxed, or with a time clock. I ended up buying this app because the ads took up alot of battery! It was worth the expense. One of my favorite time killers.

Remember the well-known game from the 80’s called Master Mind? Well, SuperMind is the app equivalent. Behind a cover there is a secret code consisting of four colors. To detect it, you need a little bit luck and good combination skill. Great time killer, and oh so nostalgic!


Disaster Alert App

I’ve use this app quite a bit living in California. There are frequent wild fires, and of course earthquakes every day.

PDC works to foster disaster resiliency through the use of science, information, and technology for sound, evidence-based decision-making. PDC is an applied research and development, public-private enterprise promoting a disaster risk reduction (DRR) agenda and concepts by bridging the divide between the scientific communities and the disaster management professionals.

Located in the State of Hawaii, with its principal facility on the island of Maui, PDC provides information research, products and services for disaster and crisis management professionals as well as executive decision makers in the fields of natural and technological hazards, and stresses to social, cultural and economic wellbeing. PDC’s products and services are used in disaster response and civil-military humanitarian assistance operations, as well as in disaster risk reduction, mitigation and planning, locally and globally by stakeholders and disaster managers, national governments, regional organizations, and International and Non-Governmental Organizations (I/NGO). PDC’s primary area of responsibility encompasses the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, Hawaii, and Alaska, but the center has performed work all over the globe.

PDC applies its expertise to seamlessly integrate various technologies for Disaster Management (DM) support in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions and beyond. The Center supports customers’ DM requirements by providing timely, accurate, and relevant informational and analytical products in times of emergencies. PDC is also engaged in capacity building projects around the world—providing support and training regarding data and information management, decision and policy support, applications development, and information systems engineering.

For additional information about What We Do, see Fact Sheets, Case Studies, Mission and Core Capabilities, or contact info@pdc.org.