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A Grain of Sand

Photo credit by Dr. Gary Greenberg's

Photo credit by Dr. Gary Greenberg

I saw the most amazing photo this week of “grains of sand” magnified 100 to 300 times. I’m sure you saw it to somewhere amongst all the trending stuff on the internet. It was breathtaking, and immediately I thought of how amazing our God is to create such detail even in something as small as a grain of sand.

It got me thinking about all the things that didn’t happen by chance.  Here are a few:


Breathing the miraculous blend of nitrogen and oxygen that makes it possible for us to live, evolutionists refuse to acknowledge that the precise 79 percent to 21 percent mixture of gases was not created by chance.

Photo by J. Wilson Bentley

Photo by J. Wilson Bentley

Snowflakes have six sides. It is claimed there are no two snowflakes alike, yet all are hexagonal in shape. Photographed by, J. Wilson Bentley, he found no two exactly alike.

Photo credit NASA.gov

Photo credit NASA.gov

The Earth is the perfect distance from the sun. Consider the temperature swings on earth, roughly -30 degrees to +120 degrees. If the Earth were any further away from the sun, we would all freeze. Any closer and we would burn up. Even a fractional variance in the Earth’s position to the sun would make life on Earth impossible.

Sometimes I’ve felt like a grain of sand to God, so insignificant in this vast world, forgotten when things get tough, or life seems impossible to bear. Seeing this photo reminds me that we are all like a grain of sand, but beautifully created, each grain molded and shaped, individually unique, and special in His eyes.

Remember the next time things get tough, that you are important to God. Never underestimate His power. His attention to detail applies to your life.


A Sign from God

This is a guest post from my daughter’s blog:

donutshopbluesQuestioning life and waiting for God to give me a sign that he is still with me, I decided to take a drive. I drove down the Peninsula listening to Agnus Obel’s, Riverside, song as the lyrics spoke to me like a voice in my head. Although my mind was clearer in where I feel God the most, I still was waiting on the sign that he is still with me…

…On my way back home I saw a bright yellow sign that said NEWPORT DONUTS Open 24 Hours. So I pulled right up thinking, a donut would be delightful right now.

As I walked up to the donut shop there was a middle-aged man sitting at a table. He was the only one in the small run down donut shop. He was by himself and he had a helmet with him and a bike outside. He had jagged teeth and a wife beater T on with coffee smudges. He had grey chest hair popping out from the tank top. The hair on his head was a dark grey, somewhat long and curly. It was covered with a mossy green cap set forward over his brow. He smiled at me as I walked inside. I asked the guy behind the counter for a glazed donut and some donut holes, trying to not look him in the eye with my tear stricken eyes.

“One dollar”, he said. I got out my credit card because I knew I didn’t have a dollar. “no cards after seven” he said before I could even pull it out of its wallet pocket.

“Um ok…hold on”, I said scrambling to find four quarters. I found three, and a dime. For the life of me, I dint have another dime and nickel in my whole wallet.

“Can I just go to my car for a second and come back?” , I replied not having any money and feeling like my night couldn’t get any worse. I couldn’t even pay for a dumb donut that was only a dollar!

“Yeah sure”, he said nicely. I walked to the door…scrambled for my keys before I walked past the man at the table.

Before I could get out the door the man stopped me, “mam, how many quarters are in your hand?”, at this instant I’m thinking oh great this homeless man wants my three quarters doesn’t he. He sees it and so he thinks I will give it to him if he asks….

“Um….three quarters”, I replied. “Here, stay here I’ll give you a quarter”, he said as he got up from his chair and limped over to the counter. He not only gave a dollar to the man, but he also rejected the three quarters that I tried to put into his hands….

“You have a nice night ‘mam”, and he walked out, got on his bike and road down Newport Boulevard.

As I was driving back with an enormous smile on my face, in a distance I saw the man down far yonder riding away; I thought to myself, who is this man? And then I knew……

He was my sign.