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Falling in Public

“You got a body, you got a Plank.”

The craze of planking involves taking photos of people lying face down on the ground or aerial, body straight like a wooden board, and palms attached to the side. The more innovative the situation, the more popular it got. Sounds random and silly, but planking was a popular social game in 2011 where people posted hundreds of pictures on Facebook of their planking activities.


(photo from Washington Post)

Why do I mention planking? Although I didn’t intentionally participate in this game, I inadvertently found myself in this particular “planked” position yesterday.

I was picking my son up at the Orthodontist, and I parked near a curb. As I squeezed out of the car onto the curb and slammed the door, I did my little tight walk to the edge of the curb, and I slipped, and fell. The entire length of my body hit the ground with an earth-shattering thud. My purse broke the fall along with my left knee. Falling down in public places is not recommended. I lay there like a beached whale in between the car and curb regaining my sanity, and trying to figure out how the hell I got in this position.

After what seemed like a life time, I got up off my sorry ass only to be greeted by someone who saw me fall from the lobby. She was very kind and wanted to make sure I was alright. Thank goodness I only had a few scrapes, and a very bruised soul!

Any who….. , it must have been a sight for sore eyes. I chuckled as I thought about what it might have looked like. So to heal my bruised soul, and to celebrate the humor in my little mishap, I share with you a few humorous trips.

(video courtesy of Dean Peterson – blog: http://www.balltillifall.com)

Have you ever had an embarrassing trip or fall?


The Benefits of Eliminating Wheat from My Diet

Wheat elimination continues to yield explosive and continued health benefits for me.

1. No more digestive issues ( bloated/gassy, stomach aches, sickness from eating. 100% gone!)
2. Pre-menopausal symptoms reduced by 90% (very few hot flashes)
3. Lost 9lbs.
4. Dark circles under eyes diminishing
5. Not hungry between meals
6. More energy
7. No more indigestion at night
8. Aggressively eliminating the risk of cancers, Diabetes,and Alzheimer’s
9. Teaching my children the benefits
10. Lost tummy bulge

I must admit that quite often I have “wheat fantasies”. Fantasies about going to the deli late at night and ordering a Ham and Cheese sub,  getting a late night pizza, sopping up that Mussel and Clam broth with some sourdough bread ……… but I slap myself out of it quickly when I realize how pain-free I am!