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Eureka! No more frizz!

Hey Curly Girls!  I’m now 3 months curly, and in my last post I stated that I was still on a quest to find a product to help hold the frizz. I really would like to wear my hair twisted out for at least 3 to 5 days without it getting really frizzy and drying out. I did find a great way to keep the curl definition for a few days without wrapping it in a pineapple, thanks to Gabe Flowers video.

Well, I did some more research and found a product by Aveda called Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade. An anti-humectant is a moisture blocker, it is a hair product that repels moisture from your hair which prevents frizz due to excess moisture in the air. This satiny pomade is a light oil, similar to the consistency of bacon grease once it becomes a solid. It repels moisture from your hair, helping to prevent frizziness. It works excellent in humid weather, and even adds a little shine. I used a dime size portion on my twists before taking them out. Amazingly my twist out lasted all day with very little frizz. Even in my difficult area….no frizz!! Second day hair was awesome! My hair is still so soft. I think I’ll be able to wear my hair twisted out for at least 4-5 days.

Now remember, the goal is the keep the defined curls, that’s what I don’t want to get frizzy. Frizz near the scalp is good, it gives your twist out body, but I want to be able to keep those defined curls, otherwise why bother twisting.

The products that I’ve found so far are fitting into my regimen wonderfully! I’m feeling so much more confident about my journey.

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First Twist Out

There is actually a whole glossary for Natural Hair. So reviewing the glossary is helpful to us Newbies.


Naturally spirally curls (3/C)

The type of hair that I have does not create those naturally spiral curls when wet.

My hair type (4/B) produces small wavy curls. The curls have little definition and are hard to see when the hair is dense. So in order to create large curls that are defined in a style, I have to twist my hair. Twists are usually left in for several days to achieve greater curl definition. There are also many products on the market that enhance curl definition, while also keeping the hair moisturized.

My first twist out was a challenge. The twists were done small, so although there was curl definition, they were hard to see because of the density of my hair. The curls did not stay very long because they were small. I re-twisted hair all day. I probably messed with it too much , and it got frizzy fast.

So I went and bought Care Free Curl Activator, and Curl’s Unleashed at Sally’s. I twisted my hair again with larger twists using both products (to see which one I like most), and mixture of water and coconut oil. The twists were bigger this time, and they held better, didn’t frizz, and were a heavier in weight. It felt like the activator clumped the hair together well. I left in the twists overnight, hoping they would dry by morning.

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First Twist Out

I was right, when I took the twists out, they were dry but moisturized well, and the curl definition was better! My hair still got frizzy at the root by the end of the day, but the ends we’re holding . The twists unravel from the root, but the ends stayed twisted.

They say that 2nd day hair is better, but I learned that the hard way. As the day progresses, so does your hair. The type of hair that I have sucks up moisture in the air like there’s no tomorrow, so the roots become very frizzy. Being the Newbie that I am, I kept re-twisting my hair throughout the day. I think I just got tired and frustrated, and stopped twisting. The next day the hair at the root was frizzy, but it also gave my style more volume. I also spent lots of time viewing photographs of other “Natural sista’s” hairdos, and found that volume is what you want! The bigger, the better! Frizz at the roots may not be so bad after all.

2nd Day Hair

2nd Day Hair

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Getting to know my natural hair

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My “Natural” hair journey May 22, 2014

I decided to go “all natural”, starting my journey to natural, healthy hair. The decision to go natural was an easy decision. I considered several things before deciding: Cost of keeping my hair straight was getting “ridiculous”. My natural hair was actually pretty long and healthy. I want to establish a natural look that I might like later in life.

I was apprehensive because I don’t really know my natural hair. I don’t how to take care of it, I didn’t know what it would look like, and it’s so different, I’ll be asked about the change constantly.

I’ve been reading a lot, and I’ve learned a lot. So it turns out that my natural hair is very dry . My hair on the natural hair chart is between a 4 b/c. That means it’s kinky, and wavy/zigzag, springy, not real dense, but cotton soft. It shrinks about 50% of its length when it dries. I’m hoping that my hair grows thicker.

Back in 1983 I had a Care Free curly perm. A short Afro. My hair was the healthiest at this time. It grew like crazy! I cut it all the time. I learned from research that Care Free curl moisturizer activator has a high concentration of humectant (glycerin and aloe Vera) as well as protein, and can still be used as a moisturizer with natural hair. It’s very beneficial with dry hair. But humectants have a tendency to attract moisture, which ultimately creates frizz! So it’s something that I have to experiment with. I’ve also been mixing water and Coconut Oil to keep my hair sealed.

These product have worked great so far with twists. Living in California with the dry air, helps to keep the frizzing down. So there’s hope ahead.

My Natural Hair Journey

curlyhairme_PastelHair. I think it’s the one gift that God gave us that defines your look. It’s the one thing that can make you look drastically different depending on the style. It’s the one thing that people notice right away. I know it might seem shallow, but people spend thousands of dollars on their hair (or lack of it), and alot of time!

Long, short, thick, curly, straight, colored, permed, frizzy, and fried. Hair can be an esteem booster, a life changer. It can change how you feel about yourself. It’s a powerful tool, because it’s a first impression.

So it’s no wonder I had my doubts about changing my hair. Going natural is a drastic change. No more straightening, blow-drying, coloring! Hello curls, big hair, frizz, gray. This decision had to come from the soul, and that it did!

So I’m on my way. I started my official natural hair journey May 22nd. I know this won’t be of interest to all of my followers, so I’ve started a new category on my blog called “My Natural Hair Journey”. It’s a popular subject these days, and there’s alot of interest out there. You all know how blogging is therapy for me, well, I need some serious therapy for this journey. So check back in to see how I’m doing!