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40 is the new 30

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Why  40 is the new 30? 
It is becoming accepted that a person turning 40 has fewer limitations when it comes to health and lifestyle options than those of previous generations.

When most people hit 40 they are more in tune with who they are and what they want in life. Making a career change is easier to do, and in my case, the kids are older and now I can focus on my own wants and desires. This is a great time for those turning forty to reevaluate their lives, and look forward to new adventures.

40 is the new 30 because it’s a great time to start making the plans that some have thought would never come.  Forty is a great time to start working on the life that you may have always wanted.

I must admit, I’ve actually loved this decade!  BUT, despite the new and positive outlook about Forty, there are some things that are inevitable!

You know you’re over 40 when. . .

1. Your kids think you’re old
2. You’ve never worn make-up in your life, and now you have to
3. You’ve never worn glasses in your life, but now your arms aren’t long enough
4. You walk around for 5 minutes looking for your reading glasses, and your daughter tells you they’re sitting on your head
5. You wear a fanny pack to the swap meet, and your kids refuse to walk with you
6. Gaining weight is easy, losing weight is impossible
7. Earth, Wind and Fire songs are considered oldies
8. Everything you wore in high school is back
9. You begin to look forward to the empty nest
10. When you hold up your boobs you actually have a waste
11. You begin to think your dog might out live you
12. You rush up the stairs to get something and you stare blankly when you get to the top
13. Socks and flannel are your wardrobe of choice in bed
14. Your kids say you stare at them all the time
15. You look forward to spending time with your iPad in bed
16. You would rather text your son than walk up the stairs
17. An “all nighter” means heartburn
18. It’s always 90 degrees, even in the winter
19. An “outing” is walking the dog
20. A “date” is having no kids at home for the evening
21. The junk you thought you left in your trunk is now following you
22. Your diet is now FREE . . . gluten-free, wheat free, dairy free
23. Instead of talking to yourself out loud, you blog!

Let me know how your decade is treating you!