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Winter Hair

Well, it’s been six months since going natural. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made, but just when I think I got this, the season changed. California is very dry in the winter, and although it rains more, the humidity is lower from day to day. Normally the goal is to try to keep the humidity from our twists to obtain a twist out longer, right? Well now I have fantastic curl definition using the flaxseed gel, but I have no humidity, so my twists aren’t puffing at all, you need just the right humidity to add a little volume to your hair.

I want to keep using the flaxseed gel, but I’m going to have to make my twists larger in the winter. I don’t like larger twists because there are fewer twists and my scalp shows more, but thank God for the little Bohemian knit hat style that’s so popular now. I can just pop this on sometimes until I’m ready for a twist out.

Moisturizing your hair is vital in the winter months. I usually do my moisturizing at night. When I have twists in, I spray with a mixture of water and coconut oil, and cover  it with a silk scarf.  Coconut oil becomes solid in cold temperatures, so I use fractionated Coconut oil. To maintain my twist out, I cover my hands in Argon oil, and twist my hair in large twists at night, I cover  it with a silk scarf.

How do you maintain your natural hair in the winter?