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The Benefits of Eliminating Wheat from My Diet

Wheat elimination continues to yield explosive and continued health benefits for me.

1. No more digestive issues ( bloated/gassy, stomach aches, sickness from eating. 100% gone!)
2. Pre-menopausal symptoms reduced by 90% (very few hot flashes)
3. Lost 9lbs.
4. Dark circles under eyes diminishing
5. Not hungry between meals
6. More energy
7. No more indigestion at night
8. Aggressively eliminating the risk of cancers, Diabetes,and Alzheimer’s
9. Teaching my children the benefits
10. Lost tummy bulge

I must admit that quite often I have “wheat fantasies”. Fantasies about going to the deli late at night and ordering a Ham and Cheese sub,  getting a late night pizza, sopping up that Mussel and Clam broth with some sourdough bread ……… but I slap myself out of it quickly when I realize how pain-free I am!