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Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes

These cupcakes are made from a simple Duncan Hines boxed recipe. But it’s all in the decorating that makes these cupcakes fun for the Halloween season.

Halloween Cupcakes


1box Duncan Hines® devil’s food cake mix
Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box
1container Duncan Hines® Whipped vanilla frosting
3 drops red food color 4 to 5 drops yellow food color for Orange frosting
3 drops red food color 1 drop blue food color for purple frosting
1 tube (0.68 oz) Betty Crocker® black decorating gel
black plastic spiders

Follow the instructions on the box for baking.

I used whipped white frosting. Tint frosting with red and yellow food colors to make orange frosting., And red and blue food colors to make purple frosting. Spread frosting over tops of cupcakes.

To make spider webs, Squeeze circles of black decorating gel on each cupcake; pull toothpick through gel from center outward to make web. Place a plastic spider on each cupcake.


Drakes Cakes Devil dog update

devil_dogsHello Devil Dog fans! All is not lost. (courtesy of Fox News http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/03/15/devil-dogs-are-coming-back/)

Hostess is moving forward with the sale of Devil Dogs, Yankee Doodles and Yodels to the maker of Little Debbie cakes.

The bankrupt company says it picked McKee Foods as the buyer for the Drake’s cakes after nobody stepped forward with a qualifying bid to top its $27.5 million offer.

The auction scheduled for Friday will be canceled as a result, according to a filing in bankruptcy court. A hearing to approve the sale is scheduled for April 9.

McKee Foods, based in Collegedale, Tenn., isn’t projecting when it plans to have the cakes back on shelves.

“McKee Foods is a family-owned bakery, similar to how Drake’s was established as a family bakery 125 years ago,” CEO Mike McKee noted in a statement. “We have generations of experience in baking, and we will strive to bake the Drake’s cakes, not just for taste and quality, but also to deliver on the memories of the loyal Drake’s fans.”

Separately, Metropoulos & Co., which is teaming up with Apollo Global Management to buy Twinkies and other Hostess cakes such as CupCakes, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos, said it hopes to have the cakes back on shelves by this summer. Metropoulos owns Pabst beer. Apollo’s investments include fast-food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

Maybe they’ll ship to the West Coast now…. Cheating is imminent.