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California Seasons

Photo Jul 06, 8 01 26 PM

After living here in Southern California for over 20 years, I think I finally got the seasons down.

Most people don’t think we have seasons, but we do, they’re just very subtle, but there are some definite signs that I look for as the seasons change.

Our traditional summer really begins in August. It becomes very hot, sometimes reaching over 100 degrees during the day. We are fortunate that it cools off to at least the 70s in the evening. We’ve got that desert thing going on (desert climate is scorching during the day, but freezing at night) so it’s bearable at night! It stays pretty warm through September, and sometimes October.

Although the days stay hot in October, the temperature begins to drop more at night, those little arachnids build their webs in the trees at dusk, and the leaves begin to change color, a sign for me that Fall is fast approaching. By the time we change the clocks back in November, the leaves have begun to show their red and yellow. Yes leaves do change color in California.

As the days grow shorter in November, the day temperature and evening temperatures become closer, and the leaves begin to fall. Mornings are now easily 40 degrees, and crisp, but never a sign of snow in the forecast.

The trees are bare in December, and the rainy season begins in January, but it rarely rains during the day here. The clouds role in at dusk, bringing breathtaking sunsets, and while we sleep, it rains. We wake to wet concrete,and damp air in the morning that quickly dries with the day temperature reaching at lease 68 most days.

Spring brings the fog in the morning, rain has ceased if there was any, and the day and night temperatures become close again. The buds on the trees begin to show, and jasmine fills the air. You haven’t experienced Spring until you smell fresh Jasmine, it’s a glorious smell.

Fog has completely enveloped the morning skies by June, not getting sunny sometimes until late afternoon. I used to hate not seeing the sun right away, but it keeps the day cooler, and I now look forward to coolness of June mornings.

The fog burns off earlier and earlier as July approaches, and those sunny southern California days and manageable nights are back again.

The seasons are vague here, and if you let life get too busy, they can pass you by. So I tune my body to feel the warmth, and the coolness and the moisture, and the dryness, and I never miss the opportunity to breathe in the sweet jasmine of Spring.

I love Cali, I wouldn’t change a thing!