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Seasons of Life

Photo Jul 06, 8 01 26 PMThose nasty little Arachnids are about to make their debut again this August in Southern California, hanging from the trees as they travel furiously back and forth, spinning their little webs at dusk. The one thing I do like about the Lord’s changing nature seasons, is that they are somewhat predictable. God’s simple creatures anticipate, and appreciate the seasons. Their circadian clock never fails to kick in when it’s time.

I think sometimes as we age, we fight God’s seasons, anticipating the worst. We begrudgingly deal with our less-than-pleasant present: a regimen of chemo, financial setbacks, the empty nest. Are you experiencing a winter of discouragement, cold and icy through your soul?

Success in life is often cyclical. Success doesn’t last forever. Soon the winds of change will come, and everything will be dead and barren. But the Lord gave us TIME. ( Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven). Time allows us to take advantage of the season among us, to adjust to its newness, and prepare once again to settle into some sort of routine.

What season of life are you in? Whatever your season, embrace the opportunities of life.


Arachnophobia August

August is typically hot and sometimes a little humid here in Southern California. It’s also mating season for our little spider friends. The Mojave desert is home to many species of desert recluses and tarantulas, but here in Southern California we’re home to many other breeds of spiders, including the dangerous black widow.

Spiders seem to be more prevalent in the late summer due to their life cycle. Spiders hatch from their egg sac as winter turns to spring, but they stay in the comfort of the sac until they become tiny spiderlings and can spin a web and move away from the sac. They grow during the spring and summer; by August, they are fully grown and looking for mates. During this time, many female spiders stray outside their web looking to lure males for mating. With the great population and diversity of spiders in Southern California, there is no surprise why spiders seem to be everywhere in August in the region.

So when I walk the dog, I am very aware of the trees and hidden spider webs in my path in the morning. I make sure I walk my dog no later than twilight until about October,  Nothing like walking through a hidden sticky spider web in the evening and panicking because you know the spider was just waiting for you!