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Text Book Trade In



It’s that time of year again! Well, I guess it’s kind of early, but my son goes back to school in the beginning of August this year!!!

This is for all you parent’s out there immersed in Text book ordering for your high school and college students. Amazon is a great source for ordering used textbooks, rented textbooks, and trading them in when you’re done using them. It actually saves alot of money, and the process is so easy.

Once you know the textbooks you need to order, go to the textbook department on Amazon.com. Type in the book name. You can verify it’s the correct book by the ISBN #. You will have a choice of purchasing new, or used, and sometimes a choice to rent the book. I am a Prime member, so many times a new book shipped free is cheaper or the same price as a used book.

At the end of the semester I trade all the books back in using the Amazon iphone App. Just scan in the ISBN Bar Code #. If the book can be traded back hit the trade button. When you’re done Amazon sends you an email with the list of trade-in books and the amount due back to you, along with a printable (free) return label. Box up the books, put the merchant list in the box, and tape the label on the box, and bring it to UPS! A few weeks later you get an Amazon gift card with your trade-in amount. I use this gift card for the next order of textbooks!