Calorie Counter App – My Fitness Pal

I made a diet change when I read the book Wheat Belly back in July. It seemed a little hoakie, but I decided to try giving up wheat, not just gluten free. It’s been 4 months. I’ve lost 10lbs, my pre-menopausal symptoms have disappeared, I have new insides, no more digestive problems, my body does not crave food anymore. I continue to follow a 5 day meal plan with 3 main meals and 1 or 2 healthy snacks.

I also started using my fitness pal a few weeks ago! It’s a calorie counter app. Several of my friends are using it to track their calories. It works on my iPad and iPhone. It’s a quick update, syncs immediately with multiple devices, and has every food imaginable in the database!!! You can even scan food packages. It keeps track of your water intake, exercise and deletes the burned calories. You can even add friends to encourage and keep each other accountable (no private info is seen by friends).

I’m actually losing more weight with this app. It really keeps you aware of what you’re eating, and when you need to watch overeating. It’s a good tool to help change your eating habits.


Disaster Alert App

I’ve use this app quite a bit living in California. There are frequent wild fires, and of course earthquakes every day.

PDC works to foster disaster resiliency through the use of science, information, and technology for sound, evidence-based decision-making. PDC is an applied research and development, public-private enterprise promoting a disaster risk reduction (DRR) agenda and concepts by bridging the divide between the scientific communities and the disaster management professionals.

Located in the State of Hawaii, with its principal facility on the island of Maui, PDC provides information research, products and services for disaster and crisis management professionals as well as executive decision makers in the fields of natural and technological hazards, and stresses to social, cultural and economic wellbeing. PDC’s products and services are used in disaster response and civil-military humanitarian assistance operations, as well as in disaster risk reduction, mitigation and planning, locally and globally by stakeholders and disaster managers, national governments, regional organizations, and International and Non-Governmental Organizations (I/NGO). PDC’s primary area of responsibility encompasses the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, Hawaii, and Alaska, but the center has performed work all over the globe.

PDC applies its expertise to seamlessly integrate various technologies for Disaster Management (DM) support in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions and beyond. The Center supports customers’ DM requirements by providing timely, accurate, and relevant informational and analytical products in times of emergencies. PDC is also engaged in capacity building projects around the world—providing support and training regarding data and information management, decision and policy support, applications development, and information systems engineering.

For additional information about What We Do, see Fact Sheets, Case Studies, Mission and Core Capabilities, or contact

New Featured App

CraftStudio App from Martha Stewart

The App is the perfect fit for crafters who are ready to take their skills to the tech-level. I’ve tried the app and it’s great! In the CraftStudio you can personalize cards, invitations, thank-you notes, announcements, scrap book pages, and so much more. On the app you are able to browse through hundreds of styles of paper (you can even “punch” the paper as you would a regular punch!) and choose from a variety of stickers, stamps, glitter, borders and fonts.

You can use your personal photos and embellish them to make cute cards and invites and get them printed at Snapfish or other print venues like Costco.

The best part about the CraftStudio App is that it’s free until July 8th. Click here to head to the itunes store where you can download CraftStudio.