Natural Hair Revelation

It’s been 4 months now that my hair has been naturally revealed! I am still learning so much, and the vlogs and blogs have been so helpful.

I finally had an opportunity to test twist out longevity. After 3 days of a twist out, my hair becomes very dry and brittle, and it’s time to put it into a protective style again. Applying large twists at night preserves the twist out for the next day. Gabe Flowers video is a fantastic tutorial for maintaining a twist out.

I’m also learning that as much as I like to wear my hair out, it’s really not good for your natural hair. The good news is that maintaining the hair in large twists at night allows my hair to keep its moisture. I don’t apply anything to my hair at night, I just take large amounts of hair, and make larger twists. In the morning when I take off the silk cap, my hair is very moist and soft. I apply Aveda Anit-Humectant Pomade to the twists before I take out the large twists. Applying Aveda Anit-Humectant Pomade keeps it moist all day. That’s how I’m able to continue wearing a twist out for more than 3 days.

I also begin using scarves for styling to protect the hair as the days progress. I’m still able to maintain the twist out and the curls.

I am an artist. I paint, draw and I used to throw pots with clay. Each medium is different, and has to be learned to achieve the look of the final art piece. My hair has become a medium. I have to learn how it acts with air, water, product, moisture, etc. to achieve the final look. It truly is a journey.



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