Rules and Regimens for Natural Hair

My hair regimen was ever changing when I first became “natural”, but now that I’ve found products and styles that work for me, I’m sticking to some definite rules and regiments for my natural hair.
My hair has grown over an inch since I began my journey in May 2014. But I’m not too surprised. My hair has always thrived when free of chemicals.


Here are the rules and regimens that work for me:

  • No or only water soluble silicones
  • Only comb hair when wet or damp with water spritz and leave-in conditioner, using a wide-toothed comb
  • Only trim when needed (my hair doesn’t tangle so no need to cut)
  • Shampoo and condition every 3 weeks (I go to the hair salon). Follow with 2 strand twists.
  • I can only wear a twist out for about 3-4 days. I have too much hair, it dries out very quickly and starts to become brittle. That’s when I start losing hair.
  • Protective styling as much as I can. That includes twists, coils, twist out, braids, braid outs, buns, puff buns, and scarfs. When hair is in twists, etc., I will pin up the hair at least 5 days a week to protect my ends.
  • Moisturize my hair with spritz every night before putting on satin cap. Either with a spritz/spray or leave-in conditioner. I use spritz (Coconut Oil/Water combined) when in a protective style. Leave-in conditioner if necessary.
  • Always sleep with a satin cap, scarf, and sleep on a satin pillowcase. Be careful of caps that cause friction to edges.
  • No heat on hair.
  • Nothing on the scalp.


Hair products I use:

Giovanni ConditionerShea Moisturizer SmoothieShea Moisture Conditionerav_A1KG_254Coconut oil


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