Natural Hair product review

I’m trying hard not to be a “Product Junkie”. I’ve only purchased a few products since my journey started, but I finally found the product I’ve been looking for.
I bought and tried Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture.

This product is amazing. I’ve only tried this product on the front of my hair because the back is in a protected style right now, but I couldn’t wait to try it! This product moisturizes and holds my curls well. My hair is soft and not frizzy all day long. The cream is thicker than other products that I have used so it gives my curls and twists some weight, and works great with my 4b hair. I mix it with the Shea Moisturizer Leave-in conditioner when twisting. It actually curl defines, and holds. A little goes a long way. I love the strong coconut, tropical smell. I’m pretty sure my search is complete! I highly recommend these products, especially for 4b/c textures. These product are half the cost at Walmart.

I’ll post some photos when I have a full twist out.

Shea Moisturizer SmoothieShea Moisture Conditioner


One thought on “Natural Hair product review

  1. I love Shea Moisture products! I started using the hair products on the little one’s hair a couple of years ago. I started using the shower gel and lotions because they are paraben free. Once I cut my dreads, I started using the products on my hair too. Big plus that the products are sold at Target!

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