Coconut CoWash for my 4b hair

I’m actually still going to the hairdresser to get my hair washed. I thought that going natural would be quite a “hair-raising” experience and that while I dealt with the shock of going “natural”, that it would be best to leave the wash regimen to my hairdresser. I’m glad I did.

The first wash by my hairdresser was done with a normal shampoo and conditioner. My first twist was utterly disappointing. My hair was limp, thin, and my twists were the size of small tree twigs. My hair was not used to being natural, or exposed to the elements, nor was it used to being twisted.

The second wash I used As I Am Coconut Co Wash.  The wash itself went well. My hair came out soft, but as we began to twist it, it became very dry even though we added curl defining products and coconut oil. By the time the twists dried the next day, they were very frizzy.

This was my conclusion after this experience and discussion with my hairdresser. I have VERY dry hair. I can twist my hair at night with tons of product, and still have it be completely dry in the morning. I feel that the Co wash stripped my hair of moisturizing oils. Second, my hair has very high porosity, meaning that it sucks up any moisture immediately. Conditioner is made with products that quickly expand and contract your hair cuticle to lock in the moisture. By the time I applied curl defining cream to my hair, my hair cuticle was closed and did not accept the cream well.

The third wash we decided to use a shampoo, and conditioner again. This time I used Giovanni Conditioner that we washed out.  We used medium sections with Carefree Curl Activator and Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner, and my twists this time were softer,  larger and puffy, but not frizzy. You could tell that the curl product and water were being contained within my hair cuticle. So amazing to see all this before your very eyes! It’s such a science.

So the conclusion:  No more C0washes for me!


41Dvi-iPJSLShea Moisture Conditioner31AW7r7ge+LGiovanni Conditioner



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