New Natural Curls

My second twist out was a big improvement. As I continued my research, I read that leave-in conditioner helps in creating great curl definition while continuing to keep the hair moisturized. So I did some research on the best leave-in. You want to find a leave-in conditioner that is mostly water. Look for water as a first Ingredient. You want to avoid: mineral oil, parabens, petroleum and drying alcohols i.e. SD Alcohol 40, Ethanol, SD Alcohol and Propanol.  These are chemicals that tend to dry out your hair.

Pick a leave-in conditioner that fits your type of porosity. My hair has a high porosity, so water penetrates my hair quickly. A heavier thick conditioner is best for my hair. I chose
Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner to create my twists.  I sprayed a twist section with my water/coconut oil mixture, then I added a small dime size amount of leave-in, and then a small amount of Care Free Curl Activator and twisted. I also added perm rods on the ends this time. My twist out was extra curly because of the perm rods, but my curls were well defined, and stayed curled all day. I kept outside curls, and the roots got frizzy, giving volume to my hairstyle. It didn’t look thin this time. It looked like a 2nd day hair the 1st day!

I also believe that with time your hair becomes trained, and takes better to the twists each time.


Photo Jun 25, 7 31 40 AM


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3 thoughts on “New Natural Curls

    • Curl Activator gives great curl definition, but it’s ingredients contain Humectant products (fruit extractions). A humectant attracts and retains the moisture in the air nearby via absorption, drawing the water vapor into and/or beneath the object’s surface. In this case the hair!! So although this product is a great curl definer, it does not hold very well. The hair absorbs too much moisture and frizzes. I have since switched to Shea Moisturizer Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and it holds much better.

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