A melody in your heart

When I think of music that stirs the soul, I think of the Star Spangled banner sung by the late Whitney Houston. The sweet sound of her voice brings bumps to the surface of my skin, but the lyrics mean something also. What we sing about provokes in our hearts that which brings joy.

Christmas brings all the commercial fanfare, along with many songs of the season. American Christmas music flourished in the 1830’s. Many old hymns and tunes were re-populated during this time. But as we sing these
Christmas songs over and over each year, do they really mean something? Do we know what we’re singing about?

Joy to the World The Lord has come
Let earth receive her King
(Joy to the world. Lyrics.)

Do you really believe this? When you sing this, does it come from your heart, or do the lyrics pass through your lips like monotone words in a dictionary? Do you worship in spirit and truth?

Christmas season can be a sad time for many. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, or a job. Maybe you don’t have family and friends to celebrate with. Maybe your ill, or going through a divorce. How then can there be a song in your heart?

My joy in The Lord is not based on circumstance. My joy cometh from the Lord. Make a new song in your heart this season.(Psalm 40:2,3). Rejoice in The Lord.


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