Pet Preparedness

Photo Nov 19, 8 07 41 PMFires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, gas explosions, blizzard, hazardous waste spill, power outage. . . You name, it’s happened in the past year! Disaster can strike at anytime, and with so little time to prepare for evacuation, many times pets get left behind without a plan for food, medication, or temporary boarding. So while you plan for your preparedness, also plan for your furry friend.

Here are a few tips to help include your pet in your overall disaster plan:

1. Designate a safe place for you and your pet free from rising water, or flying debris
2. Create a pet survival kit. Visit for a list of survival items
3. Create an evacuation plan
4. Be able to identify your pet by microchip, or tags. Better yet the handy app My Dog that keeps a dog profile, and includes office visits, vaccinations, medications, etc. There’s even a place for photos. More than likely the app will be on your phone and with you during a disaster.
5.Have proof of ownership. Make copies of registrations, or scan, or take photos of them to store in the My Dog app profile.
6. Plan for a safe place for your pet outside the home. Get a list of kennels, and hotels that take pets. Store those numbers in the profile app.
7. If you have to leave your pet behind make sure you have pet alert stickers on your front and back doors. You can get free stickers from ASPCA


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