Devil Dogs Update

devil dogs

You all know I’m a big fan of Devil Dogs, and have only been able to acquire them infrequently through shipments from my lovely friends and family back east. I grew up on those 60’s snacks, and just can’t shake Devil Dogs. So here’s an update!

Twinkies are already back on shelves and now the new owners of Drake’s cakes say Coffee Cakes, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings and Yodels will return to shelves next month.

A spokesman for McKee Foods Corp. says the company plans to bring back the snack cakes in the third week of September. Just in time for school.

In the past Drake’s Cakes did not ship product out west, so the real question is whether they will be shipped west of the Mississippi, and of course will they taste the same!

McKee, which makes Little Debbie snack cakes, bought Drake’s cakes from Hostess Brands after the company went out of business last year.

Little Debbie snack are shipped all over the United States. I sure hope they ship Devil Dogs to California grocers!


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