Blog Anniversary

Me bloggingThis month is the one year anniversary of my blog. I started blogging with a new leash on life, my first child was off to college, and my youngest child was headed to high school. I thought I would have a bit more time on my hands to re-organize my thoughts while my life took a slightly different turn.

I love to write about what’s on my mind. My mind talks out loud, and blogging gives me the opportunity to share it.

This is post 140. I was able to consistently keep up my posting weekly throughout the year, although some weeks, like so many other bloggers, I experienced “blogger’s block”. I found that reading other blogs, being particularly aware of the current events, and Sunday church sermons of all things, helped to stir the left side of my brain. It’s also quite convenient to have my blog tools right at my fingertips. When something comes to mind I immediately set up a post title, with some quick reminder notes in the body.

Thanks to all my faithful followers. Please let me know what you’ve enjoyed most, and what topics you might like to read I the future.

Here are links to a few of my favorite posts throughout the year:

It Really is a Small World…An Amazing Story!

I am not my mother’s flip phone

A Few things I would tell my daughter about Life

Tuesday’s Child

Old School Snacks


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