June Bugs


I love summer in Southern California, but one thing I dread more than anything in the month on June, are June bugs. They are emerging as summer’s warmth is upon us. The green June beetle, one of some 300 species of scarab beetles found in Southern California, flashes a metallic green underbelly as it buzzes about erratically. The beetles have spent at least a year underground in larval form munching at the roots of lawns and your favorite yard plants. They become metallic green before becoming mature, and range in size from 12 to 35 millimeters. The adults are blackish or reddish-brown in color. The thing I hate most about these bugs is that they have very hairy, sticky legs, and they buzz horribly!!  They can’t see a darn thing, and they fly right into you, then they just “stick”. You can’t get them off!!!  Can you picture me panicking yet?

My only revenge is to get one to land on their backs…they are helpless.  They will spin around for ever trying to grasp anything to help them flip over, and I just watch and grin.

Photo Jun 01, 9 22 10 PM

These beetles are nocturnal, coming to lights in great numbers, so I don’t spend very much time outside at night in the month of June. We don’t cohabitate too well together. So June bugs. . . get over your little insignificant existence quick this month!


7 thoughts on “June Bugs

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  2. Never really encountered these guys or noticed them in Northern California suburbs until I moved to my new house close to a rural state park! Actually still not sure what kind of beetle they are since they are closed to a dark gold hue to murky amber, but the Phyllophaga closely resembles it the most. At first I thought they were bees that had gone bat-sh*t at night, but then I realized they were beetles and suddenly I was grossed out. A few have gotten into the house and it just drives me nuts! But I agree the only respite is to see them land on their backs and scrambling madly to get a foothold. If I were still my kid self ( the one who chased crickets around the house- but those days are long over), they would be fun to catch and play with. My adult self couldn’t agree with you more!

  3. I live in SoCal June bugs here fly rapidly but directly to a target on me, usually my shoulder or the palm of my hand. They are not sticky or harry. Mine are brown 💗

  4. In the South as a kid, my friends and I would catch them, tie a string one of their legs and let them fly while holding onto the string. So much fun but if they fly on you then we would panic. In the South we make toys out of anything.

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