First Year of College

Photo Oct 30, 10 05 55 PMWell, the girl is home from college. First year completed!

I was very excited for her to go to college. Although she didn’t go far, we accompanied  her, and her STUFF to college in August in three crammed SUV’s! When she managed to fit all her STUFF in a dorm room with 2 other room mates, I knew she would do just fine her first year.

She was 27 miles North of us, and we didn’t see her very much the first semester. I remember she told me that the university encouraged Freshman to stay on campus, and refrain from going home too often. I think she wanted to come home more, but she took her college’s advice. Needless to say, the house was quiet and empty without her.

She adjusted well to college life. She really seemed to enjoy her freedom, her friends, and her classes. She kept several Nanny jobs that she had in high school, so she even had a few dollars coming in to fund her gas, and Bonsai Bowl addiction! Instagram kept me “in the know” throughout the year (well about her social life anyway), and iMessage filled the void. She did very well academically this year, and decided to change her major. She made a very wise decision to go with her heart, and God’s calling. She wants to work with children.

Although she’ll miss her college buddies, I think she was looking forward to coming home. As the weeks grew closer to the end of school, we began to see her almost every weekend. Then I realized that she was bringing car loads of STUFF home again. She would come in the door and say “a little help please..(dah!)” The whole family would drop everything for 5 minutes to unload, and she’d be gone again, leaving my living room, and halls full. My husband would just shake his head, looking like a dear in the headlights as she pulled off, wondering how many more trips she would have to make to get all of her STUFF home.

Well it took 3 weekends, and she did an excellent job planning the STUFF trips! She’s home from college for a few weeks and then off to work at a Christian Camp for the summer. I feel like I’ve suddenly been awakened from a pleasant nap. Having her home for a few weeks, I realize that college kids are a little like two-year-olds (but often not as cute!)–they may be independent and a bit more mature, but they are still totally self-centered. While in school they sleep when they want, eat when they want, come and go when they want, put their STUFF where they want (my pantry is a mess again), and answer to nobody. They come home and forget that the rest of us don’t operate that way. The hurricane is back.  My husband and I decided that when she’s home, life is a tad more difficult but also alot more fun. She’s highly entertaining and brings liveliness, laughter and love to our home.


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