Celebrating Motherhood

mom_infantAhhhh motherhood! It’s a lifelong career. A job that is loved, but one that steals your heart, your soul, your very being. Don’t get me wrong, it can be so rewarding, but you go into this thing they call “motherhood” blind as a bat!

I must admit, pregnancy for me was actually fun, but as I got closer to my due date I began to realize that I no longer would be able to freely do the things I wanted to do. Honestly, I hated that. I was trading my precious time for an infant.. imagine that? Well, I quickly learned that this attitude was not suited for “motherhood”. I was miserable the first few weeks of being a mother. Every time I went to do something, my child demanded my time. Mama never said it would be like this!!

No wonder there’s such a thing as “postpartum”. I finally accepted that my time was no longer mine, and it would be that way for a very, very long time. Once my revelation kicked in, life changed. I actually began to enjoy motherhood.

How amazing the bond we share with one individual even before birth, an how that bond continues throughout life. Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel found that visible affection from their mothers had tangible physiological effects on three month old infants. Simply by looking and smiling at each other, moms and babies synchronize their heartbeats to within milliseconds of each other.

Motherhood is so evolving. At first your needed for the very survival of your child, and as they grow you learn to relinquish control, which is detrimental to their survival without you.

Each year we celebrate mothers and their dedication to their children and families. I celebrate Mother’s Day because being a mother is such an integral part of who God wanted me to be. Here is what I’ve learned.

1. Motherhood forces you to be completely selfless. God wanted me to understand that life is not about “me”

2. Motherhood teaches patience, and humility.

3. Motherhood teaches you to love unconditionally.

4. Motherhood teaches you to take one day at a time. Today is not forever, another day looms over the horizon bringing challenges and another opportunity to love.

5. Children are on borrowed time. God has lent them to us for just a short while. They are His. I must do the best I can before they leave the nest.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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