Outrageous Vegas Part II


Saturday was a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors. We ate breakfast at a little French Cafe and headed out to the pool where we spent most of the day reading.


We walked over to the Wynn Hotel and had happy hour at La Cave, a small restaurant that specialized in small plate servings. We shared a wine tasting, and some appetizers.


Then on to the reason why we came!! To see Elton John. What a fabulous concert. He is such a talented musician. We screamed every song, so did everyone else, thank God no one could heard us!!


Any Vegas trip would not be complete without a trip to the Vegas Outlet Mall. And so on Sunday we indulged, strolling the outlet South in designer heaven. We got some great deals! We were headed back home, down lonely highway 15 by 1pm.


So yes, Vegas is outrageous with its Hoochie sightings, money guzzling advertising, maze infested Casino interiors, and break your bank drink costs. But I have evolved. I chuckled at the Hoochies, rolled my eyes at the gambling, ordered few drinks, and managed to find the nearest exits to escape the casino and shopping lure.

After all these years visiting Vegas, I’ve finally created my own illusion, and enjoyed Vegas on my terms.

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