Outrageous Vegas


Living in California offers great opportunities to getaway without really going very far. Living here all these years, I’ve never been a fan of Las Vegas. It’s a world of its own. It plays with with your mind, everything is an illusion. Buildings on top of buildings, you don’t know where one casino begins, and one casino ends. It could be 10am in the morning, and your body feels like its 10pm stuck inside the continuous clicking and ringing of the slots. No windows, few exits, blasting air-conditioning, smoke filled…..money hungry losers aimlessly wondering. Not to mention the sweltering 102 degree dry heat! They even have “skinny” mirrors (no joke).

I haven’t been there since 2008. Lots can change in Vegas in only a few years. My “Besty” invited me to see Elton John. We consider this the first trip from our “empty nest” bucket list. So we left on Friday morning.


Yes, the drive is mundane, but it beats a $300 round-trip ticket. We got to catch up with all the particulars…..work, kids, husbands, you know.


We stopped at the Mad Greek Cafe for a highly recommended Greek Salad, and we were back on the road.


We stayed at the Venetian. Beautiful hotel. The suites were the way to go to kick off our little celebration. We settled in and prepared for our adventure.


We dined at Tao Asian Bistro. The Greek salad remnants kept us from ordering main dish items, but the Alaskan crab, asparagus, and shrimp sushi melted in my mouth. We also ordered pork dumplings, and topped it off with blueberry, pomegranate martinis. Great restaurant. Now on to the show.


One word. . . MOTOWN! The group is called Human Nature, and this time it’s not an illusion. Four white guys from Australia. Their voices are out of this world! Their show is sponsored by Smokey Robinson, and they sing Motown music live with a full band, dance moves and all. The one thing I loved is that their show is truly a tribute to all those who contributed to the success of Motown. Incredible show. Don’t miss this if you do Vegas.

Great first day, with great company. The adventure continues . . .

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