My Beloved Beantown

BostonTearI’m so saddened by yet another unnecessary tragedy. Sometimes I wish I could crawl into a hole when these things happen, but I am so drawn to the media. Are we becoming too desensitized to these events?  Watching from our comfortable living rooms, did this really happen, or was I watching a movie? I’m so afraid of feeling nothing.

I’ve come to realize that being so far away from these incidents in mind and body makes me want to be more in touch with those who have experienced it….. to feel their hurt, their pain. The world is real out there, and getting involved when things like this happen by donating time, blood, and funds is great. But there is one thing that would make all the difference …

Love one another. I know, roll your eyes, it sounds so simple. But imaging if there was no hate, only love. Just imagine… it would set you free.

(Photo credit by Chuck Mccollough)


One thought on “My Beloved Beantown

  1. I happened to turn on the TV as I sat down for a rest after housework. I was shocked to see the news reports of Boston and the bombings and it made me think how vulnerable we all are. I started praying and then crying at the same time, I was surprised at my tears because I too sometimes wonder if we don’t quite feel the effects of a tragedy when we are so far away. I do find that as more things like this happen my heart hurts so much, I wonder where our country is headed, it is hard to imagine how people can do such horrible things. I ache for our grandchildren and what they will face when they grow up…..such a different world than when I was a child.

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