Easter traditions


Easter is here. Easter used to be a really big deal in our family when I was little. Easter dresses, bonnets, “patent leathers”, and white gloves were in for little girls, and new suits for boys. Here we are photographed in our Easter best!  The Friday night before Easter was preserved for Easter egg coloring, and Saturday afternoon we always attended all the local Easter egg hunts . Sunday of course was the big day… church. It’s here that  The Real Meaning of Easter solidified my christian belief.

I was still able to keep most of those traditions with my own family, but things are changing now that the kids are older. With my daughter off to college, this will be the first Easter that Easter egg coloring, or having an Easter basket prepared is not a priority. At least to my son and my husband, the Easter festivities have taken a back seat. But all is not lost, my daughter will be home Saturday evening, and I will have everything ready for us to continue our tradition. We don’t buy new dresses or suits anymore, and those days are over for Easter egg hunts, but Easter egg coloring, and The Lord still reign in this family, so we honor Him and all His Glory on Easter Sunday morning!


One thought on “Easter traditions

  1. So beautiful!!!! Everything your parents instilled in you, Darlene and Darrin is evident in your wonderful reflections. Be blessed!!!

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