Relief. . . it’s all relative


There are some things in life that I really hate doing, but when it’s over, there is a sense of relief. Here are some of those things:

Folding laundry
Walking the dog at night when it’s cold out
Dentist visit
Smog check
DMV visit
Putting on the dishwasher
Getting propane for the grill
When taxes are done
Recycling bottles
Getting the dog groomed
Last day of school before summer
Getting off of the plane after a 6 hour flight

Now here are some things that others are relieved about . . .
Pulling into your own driveway after driving your 13-year-old daughter back and forth for weekly chemo treatments
Finding out that your cancer has shrunk
Getting offered a job after searching for 2 years
Finding out your home refinancing has been approved a few months before foreclosure
The rain stops pouring on the make-shift cardboard tent you sleep in
When the Multiple Sclerosis medication has finally kicked in, and you can sleep through the night
Finally coming to grips with losing your 19-year-old son in a car accident
A successful drug intervention involving your 15-year-old niece
Cancer is slowing and you have more time
When you’ve been approved by the doctor for prosthetic legs

. . .it’s all relative.


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