Sesame Street Reminisin’

Music has always been a very big part of my life. For me it’s not just the sound of the music, it’s the feeling that it gives you. One of the most memorable, and enjoyable times in my young life that I remember so vividly, is watching Sesame Street (of all things). To this day, the music in Sesame Street makes me feel the same way I felt as a child. Just happy, and warm and like there is no care in the world. I loved the little film segments most of all.

We owe most of the music of many of the little clips to a talented guy named Joe Rasposo. Raposo is best known for the songs he wrote for Sesame Street from its beginning in 1969 through the mid-1970s, and also for a time in the 1980s. He wrote the “Sesame Street Theme” – various versions of which have opened every episode – as well as many of its most popular songs, such as “Bein’ Green”, “C is for Cookie”, “Sing” and “ABC-DEF-GHI”. Most of the music used in Sesame Street’s film segments was also written – and often sung – by Raposo.

The music on Sesame Street consisted of many styles and genres, but it retained its own distinctive sound. I love the  flute and the child-like piano sound that’s used much of his catchy tunes. The sound is so consistent and recognizable that the memories just flood back when I hear the songs. Sesame Street’s songwriters included Joe Raposo, the show’s music director, Jeff Moss, and Christopher Cerf. Many of the songs and clips are stilled played on Sesame Street today.

Thank you for your ingenious talent and for allowing me to share the wonders of Sesame Street with my children. Sit back and enjoy a few of the film segments and songs that just make my soul sing!



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