New Beginnings

January is a time for beginning a new. We store away the memories of the old year, and look forward to the new. Here is a recap of the memories of 2012:

In January of 2012 we were meeting college application deadlines, and paying application and graduation fees.

In February we attended our annual couples retreat in the desert. It’s the one getaway that I treasure each year. Looking forward to the 2013 retreat.


In March we applied to private High Schools for my son.

In April my daughter responded to her college of choice acceptance letter, and we began attending graduation celebrations.

In May her senior year was winding down. It started to hit me that my daughter was ending her years at home. My son was accepted to his private school choice.


In June my daughter graduated, and I began a new life…..blogging!

In July we went on a family vacation to San Francisco before college send off.

In August we sent our daughter off to college, and my son began High School. I also gave up wheat…another major change to life, but a good one!

In September my son became an only child at home, which I think he enjoys. I lost 5 lbs. in a few weeks!

Photo Dec 08, 5 07 17 AM

In October my son started Freshman basketball…major lifestyle change for the whole family. Major change in maturity for my son. He’s adjusted well. I lost another 5 lbs!

In November we saw my daughter for a few days for Thanksgiving.

In December my husband and I went on vacation in Maui, Hawaii for 9 days! It was truly a second honeymoon. A fore-shadow of times to come. I haven’t gained any weight, even with vacation and the holidays.

Photo Dec 06, 6 07 43 PMPhoto Dec 06, 6 45 08 PM Photo Dec 08, 11 22 26 PM

I’m thankful for each day, and for the Lord’s provision of health, happiness and prosperity!

What are you looking forward to in 2013?


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