Calorie Counter App – My Fitness Pal

I made a diet change when I read the book Wheat Belly back in July. It seemed a little hoakie, but I decided to try giving up wheat, not just gluten free. It’s been 4 months. I’ve lost 10lbs, my pre-menopausal symptoms have disappeared, I have new insides, no more digestive problems, my body does not crave food anymore. I continue to follow a 5 day meal plan with 3 main meals and 1 or 2 healthy snacks.

I also started using my fitness pal a few weeks ago! It’s a calorie counter app. Several of my friends are using it to track their calories. It works on my iPad and iPhone. It’s a quick update, syncs immediately with multiple devices, and has every food imaginable in the database!!! You can even scan food packages. It keeps track of your water intake, exercise and deletes the burned calories. You can even add friends to encourage and keep each other accountable (no private info is seen by friends).

I’m actually losing more weight with this app. It really keeps you aware of what you’re eating, and when you need to watch overeating. It’s a good tool to help change your eating habits.


2 thoughts on “Calorie Counter App – My Fitness Pal

  1. I too went gluten free in the spring. I was also having digestive problems and had issues with a shoulder injury that would not heal. i was seeing an acupuncturist for shoulder issue. she recommended I take a food sensitivity test. I tested positive for sensitivities to some glutens and I have a high sensitivity to rice. Once I cut out the gluten and rice, my shoulder healed and the digestive issues went away!!!! I am not completely gluten free at this point but I still won’t eat rice or products made with rice flour. I started using My Fitness Pal in August. I love it!!!! I did take a break over Thanksgiin weeken but otherwise use is daily. I love the fact that it provides nutritional values for the food logged. It has helped me to ensure that I am eating balanced meals.

    • Wow, thanks for sharing your story. The more I connect with wheat and gluten free people, the more I’m convinced I made the right decision. Life changing stuff, I love it!

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