Imaginary Friend

Ok, I must admit, imaginary friends can be quite scary to those that don’t see what you see, but I can still conjure up the vivid memory of my imaginary friend in my mind.

Katherina was the perfect playmate, always willing to let me choose the game, she did whatever I said, and most importantly, she came and went as I wanted.

I can’t remember when I first noticed her, or even when she left, but I do remember that it was during my early elementary years. Katherina was always there when I wanted her to be. I even gave her an address. She lived down the street from my grandmother in the white house with the red roof at the corner of Lake Ave. and Prospect St. Only my family new about her.

I think it quite odd that I embraced an imaginary friend because I had a twin sister. From what I have read, it is quite common for children to have imaginary friends, as it allows them to step out of any given situation and create their own reality.

My twin sister and I were very close, but we definitely had different interests. The scope of my creativity was enormous as a child. I could play with those Fischer Price “Little People” for hours! My sister never really played those creative games with me, so I think Katherina became my “creative” playmate. I also had better control over Katherina than I did my twin.

I also remember making up elaborate stories about the “life and times” of Katherina. By the time the story was over, my whole family would be cracking up. They weren’t laughing at me, they were laughing with me.

Fortunately, my family embraced Katherina. . . ok, they tolerated her. But they never insisted that she didn’t exist. Even my twin accepted her, but she continually grilled me about Katherina’s every being to justify her existence.

I’m sure Katherina helped me to cope with something through those years, but she will forever be a figment….. of my imagination.

Did you or your child have an imaginary friend? Let me know about it.


5 thoughts on “Imaginary Friend

  1. I had one – her name was Tina. She was a great friend, always listening to me, playing the games I wanted, following my lead, and never once did she ask for anything in return.
    She didn’t hang around for long (perhaps she needed a less needy companion?) but while she was with me, I loved her like a sister.
    45 years later, I still remember her pushing me on the swings and being the teeter to my totter. šŸ™‚

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