Scary Things

Everyone has some ghosts in the closet. So in lough of  Halloween, I’ve decided to share with you some of the most “scariest” moments in my life.

1) It was a quiet hot summer day. My daughter and I were the only ones home. My daughter was about 15 at the time. My kids have a habit of jumping in the pool in the backyard, and running to the courtyard to dip in the jacuzzi. My daughter indulged herself for a while in the pool, and then went into the jacuzzi. It got very quiet… I didn’t hear any more splashing. A parent with a pool always has one year listening and 2 eyes checking even with older swimmers. So I quietly peaked out the courtyard window to find my daughter very still, floating in the jacuzzi, head down!!!!  I panicked, quickly opened the door out to the courtyard, threw myself down at the edge of the jacuzzi, grabbed a fairly huge chunk of my daughter’s hair and pulled her head out of the water! She took a huge breath, and looked up at my like I was crazy!  She said “What are you doing?”  I said “No, what are you doing?” She said “Performing Dead Man’s Float”. I wanted to smack her… All I could do was cry. I was soooooooooooo angry at her, but I was also scared, and relieved at the same time. Soon we were both cracking up!

2) So I drove to Los Angeles for a meeting with my daughter one Saturday afternoon for a Photography contest that she was participating in. Little did I know that our destination would scare the crap out of me! Baxter Street in Silver Lake… need I say more! Silver Lake has roadways with roller-coaster qualities. Baxter Street is a lengthy narrow road with a 32% grade that climbs a ridge east of the Silver Lake Reservoir. Unsuspecting motorists gasp when they reach the crest and discover the roadway in front of them has dropped out of sight and there is nothing but empty space in front of their car’s hood.

So I get to the top of the hill, look out over my dashboard and realize that I can’t see the street in front of me. I literally felt like I was going to go over a cliff. All I could see was the bottom of the hill, which was a very, very long way down, with a very large Reservoir at the very end!!  Imagine that, if my breaks fail, we’ll be in the reservoir!!! Vertigo kicks in, and my heart is racing, and I’m screaming. I’m absolutely panicking! The road is so narrow I don’t even know how to turn around. I slowly back the car up and turn left into a driveway. I finally maneuver my way back down the steep hill and park at the very bottom, which means we now have to walk up the 32% grade hill…. that’s a whole ‘nother story.

I found this cool video showing Baxter Street (Courtesy of Kevin A. Hopkin

So what’s your scariest moment?


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