Full Circle

December 28th, 1993

I wanted to make sure that we got through the holidays before having our first child, so I chose December 28th for my scheduled c-section. Stubbornness runs in the family and my daughter was determined to keep herself breech even after attempting to turn her. In any case, my c-section was a success! Saddleback Hospital was an amazing place. My experience although a c-section, was carefully planned and well executed by the most experienced and well trained doctors. Barrie S. May was my OBGYN and Dr. Russell was my Anesthesiologist. I’ll never forget them. I was fully awake, smooth Jazz music was playing on the sound system in the operating room, and  my husband was by my side. Dr. Russell had just successfully administered the epidural, and was  sitting in back of me making sure that every moment I was relaxed and feeling well. What an awesome experience.

We arrived home with our daughter 2 days later feeling relaxed and ready for the new challenge. I had very little pain, and Dr. May said that he had never seen someone heal as well or as quickly as I had. I never took any pain medication, and was walking up and down the stairs in a few days.

October 2007
Fifteen years later, I now had 2 children. My son was born in 1998 also at Saddleback Hospital and delivered c-section by Dr. May again. My son was now 9. I was done, no more kiddos. Dr. May and I decided that it was time to seal the oven, so we scheduled a Tubal.

When I arrived for my pre-op Dr. May came in right before surgery to explain last-minute procedures, and to my amazement, Dr. Russell also walked in. Well at that point I became very emotional. Here I was with the two wonderful doctors that delivered both my children 15 years ago…. I had come full circle.

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