A few things I would tell my daughter about life. . .

There are piles of STUFF beginning to collect in my house by the front door. My daughter and her STUFF will be leaving for college soon, and I will miss her dearly. I’m fortunate that she’s not going too far, but she will no longer have to report back to me her every move! There are some things that she should know, and some things I want to tell her. . .

No Man Will Ever Treat You As Well As Your Daddy Fathers are supposed to set the example for their daughters of how a man is supposed to treat them. What he does for his daughter will be the standard that she looks for from a man in a relationship, as well as what she will accept or expect. There are only a few women that a man will want to put into the wife category; most men want to latch on for ulterior motives. Set your standards high….. never settle. Your Daddy is a wonderful example!

The Energy You Put Out is the Energy You Will Receive Life is all about positive energy, it’s how this world turns. Set your standards high to achieve whatever you want. Be realistic in your planning. What you put into it, is what you’ll get out of it. Don’t be naive, nothing ever goes exactly as planned, so always have a plan “B”, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, say a prayer, and move on.

The People You Associate With Are a Reflection Of Who You Are The people who you keep around you are a reflection of who you are. For instance:You’re a high school freshman, and the boy your attracted to in your freshman math class is a Senior! What’s wrong with this picture? Chris Gardner (Pursuit of Happyness ) summed it up perfectly: “You are who you associate with. Look around at your five closest friends… that’s who you are.

Be Happy With Yourself You need to find happiness from within so you won’t look for happiness in other things. Happiness isn’t in things, and no one else can provide happiness for you. It is first found in yourself. The world around you should compliment who you are, NOT make you who you want to be.

Take precautions against sexual assault You’ll be shocked that I’m saying this and you’ll roll your little eyes, but the truth is, rape on college campuses is a real problem and so are roofies—the “date rape drug.” Learn about rape prevention in an open and direct way. Never walk on campus alone at night….ever! Prevention of anything bad makes sense, no matter what it is.

Never forget that I love you with all my heart – forever and always.


One thought on “A few things I would tell my daughter about life. . .

  1. Excellent advice. I had one daughter that finished college, but she said home. The youngest daughter is away, but she has adjusted very well. But I still ask her to keep her guard up and continue to seek the Lord for guidance…. and I always keep her covered in prayer.

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