Adoption Brochures

“The Martin family is eternally grateful to you for the work you did on our adoption brochure. This was THE thing that attracted Thomas’ birth mother to us and as a result you played no small part in bringing Thomas into our family.”  Thomas turned 3 years old this year.     – Wesley and Sue Martin –

This is one of many testimonies from a client/friend who was in the process of adopting a child. The process was long and grueling. I had done graphic design work for this customer in the past, and they asked me if I might help them advertise themselves to birthmother’s looking for adoptive parents for their unborn children.

I had never heard of such a process, but I wanted help. I designed a brochure to help promote this couple’s chance for adoption using family photos and a “dear birthmother” letter developed by the couple and the adoption agency. I printed the final brochures and they were sent out to birthmothers. Within in 3 months the couple was adding a new addition to their family. I was thrilled!

I wanted to help more couples, so I sent out letters to adoption agencies. I now work with 2 major agencies designing adoption brochures for couples. Adopthelp and Adoption Connection. In the last 3 years the brochures have helped over 30 couples adopt babies.

I developed We help develop the most important tool in presenting an adoptive parent to a future birth mother.

I specialize in creating beautiful, custom designed adoption brochures to tell a families specific story. I create visual adoption profiles that are successfully recognized by birth mothers.

What is an Adoption Profile?
An Adoption Profile, or Dear Birthmother Letter is typically a document from the adoptive family, given to birth mothers who have decided on an adoption plan for their child. By providing your profile to your case worker or attorney, they can successfully be distributed to birth parents. A visual profile is an eye-catching, photo filled story showing a family’s wishes for a child.

It is my mission to get the profile noticed, and provide a service that will contribute to the adoption of thousands of children.

If you know someone who is trying to adopt a child using an agency and  birth parents tell them about our service or visit my website at


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